Rooms & Rates

Main Lodge


In addition to the private Wyoming, Tumbleweed, Juniper and Sweet Violet rooms, the main lodge features several sunny, communal areas for relaxing, socializing and eating (sometimes all at once). Meet your fellow guests in the dining room and adjoining kitchen while snacking on breakfast; later, curl up by the fire with a glass of wine, play an old-fashioned board game or watch a classic movie.

Wyoming Room
Tumbleweed Room
Juniper Room
Sweet Violet Room


Carriage House


The Carriage House is a renovated barn just steps away from the main lodge, featuring three unique rooms and a shared convenience kitchen. Each room has a private patio with views of the surrounding woods and pastures. Visitors can still share breakfast at the main lodge every morning and its common areas any time; but the Carriage House also features its own coffee, tea, microwave and refrigerator, as well as books, games and movie collection for quiet nights in. The Morningside, Sunset and Northwind rooms each offer their own unique character to add to the options in the main lodge.

Morningside Room
Sunset Room
Northwind Room


Planning your stay

Do you have a favorite room picked out? Click here to check availability and request a phone call from Maggie, Whistlewood’s owner and caretaker for over 30 years, or call directly at (845) 876-6838. Also, be sure to review our Inn Policies before booking.