Our Farm

Trail Map of WhistleWood FarmTrails

During their stay, guests are encouraged to fully explore our property. There are miles of trails with views alternating between serene woods and scenes from our working farm, which is home to horses, free-range chickens, cows, adopted donkeys, four outdoor barn kitties and a Bernese Mountain dog named Jake. We no longer accept pets as guests at WhistleWood, but we have plenty of animals on the farm to love during your stay.

Horse Boarding

myer29-R1-4For many years we foaled out Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, and Morgan horses, and now offer board for riding and retired horses of all kinds.

We offer full care boarding which includes hay and grain, a box stall and turn out, with run in sheds in a few pastures. Our six pastures are woven wire with a top rail.

We charge $500.00 a month full board at this time.

Our horses are privately owned and boarded at the farm. You may visit with them on your stay; they love posing for photos and a friendly scratch on the neck.

There are three Quarter horses, a Paint, two Palominos, a Kentucky Mtn. Saddle horse, a Missouri Fox Trotter and a Tennessee Walker and one large Danish Warm blood, as well as two adopted donkeys.

There is a riding ring and trails that weave around and through our property. We link up with the Landsman Kill Trail system, which you must be a member to ride on.

Our Dexter Cows


Dexter cattle are the smallest of the European cattle breeds, about half the size of a traditional Hereford and about one third the size of a Friesian (Holstein) milking cow. They were considered a rare breed of cattle until recently, but are now considered a recovering breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. The Dexter breed originated in Ireland.

The popularity of Dexters has been fueled by a desire for organic food, health concerns over factory farming, and soaring food prices. “The government has no interest in where our food comes from or how it tastes, so it’s nice to set your own welfare and quality standards,” said poet and songwriter Pam Ayres, who has a small herd of Dexters on her 20-acre in Cotswolds, England. “If you’ve got a bit of land, a breed like the Dexter can work out a lot cheaper than the supermarket, plus they do a pretty good job of mowing the lawn.”

Wcowse are proud to say that we have two Dexter cows at the farm and one heifer. We are patiently waiting for new calves this coming spring 2014.The ladies’ names are Arabella “Bella” and “Gracie” and “Valentine” born in a snow storm last February. We have also raised and sold one bull calf which is named “Arrow”. Arrow now lives in Saratoga on a farm with other breeds of cows that are first time heifers.

Please contact us to inquire about our livestock for sale.

Our Chickens

chickensThere are 28 free range chickens on the farm, which supply our eggs and help with bug control. We have Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, Cochin, a light Brahma, Wyandotte, Bantam and Ameraucana, which lay our green eggs. We love them all and guests enjoy feeding them some of our scraps and peelings from our fruits and veggies we clean to serve for breakfast.