About Us

2010-Summer-598In the early 80s, Maggie got the idea to turn a country ranch style home on a quiet Rhinebeck farm into a bed and breakfast. Although the details have changed here and there, her kindness, warmth and sense of humor have been a constant force as she has helped thousands of guests escape from their daily routines to take a break in comfort and style. She’s always ready to advise guests on important matters, such as the tastiest places for dinner in Rhinebeck, which hiking trails have the best swimming holes and the most entertaining VHS tapes to watch on a quiet night in. She will often be seen cooking breakfast for guests too, and offer them fresh pie over the course of their stay.


Jake is a Bernese mountain dog, and though he’s not young and spry as he used to be, you can often find him ambling around somewhere near Maggie, or napping in a sunny spot outside.